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PRU offers a broad range of services – from strategy to commercialization – to the biopharmaceutical industry. With extensive experience in biopharmaceutical product development and regulatory affairs, our team of professionals can help accelerate the transition from Drug Discovery to Clinical Proof-of-Concept through Clinical Development. Partnering with client senior management provides the opportunity to integrate drug development and commercialization strategy with business objectives.

For small and medium companies requiring deep capabilities and experience in global biopharmaceutical and medical device development and commercialization.

 Bioequivalence and Bioavailability studies

  • Good distribution and storage practices (GDSP)
  • Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic studies
  • Clinical Trials Phase I –IV
  • Pharmacovigilance studies
  • Bio-analytical services
  • Preclinical services
  • Formulation of immediate and modified release dosage form
  • Stability studies in compliance with ICH
  • Biotechnology products: clinical assessment and characterization
  • Technical file assessment for chemical and biotechnology based dosage forms
  • Training (regulatory affairs, quality management, clinical studies, etc)
  • Clinical studies on pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals
  • Revision and statistical treatment of study data
  • Protocol generation
  • Preparation of study reports
  • Protocol and case report form (CRF) design
  • Ethical approvals
  • Launching New Medical Lab for clinical studies

A unique combination of expertise, resources and technology

PRU is the only biopharmaceutical services provider offering a comprehensive global network of expertise, clinical resources, and technology within a single organization – a unique combination that maximizes your product development efficiency.  Whatever your requirements, PRU is right where you need us, delivering proven, integrated solutions across every phase of the product lifecycle… every therapeutic area… and every geographic region.  Our unsurpassed qualifications include:

    • Conducting studies in more than one region
    • Full range of services in every phase of development
    • Scientific and medical expertise across all major therapeutic areas
    • Clinical and regulatory strategists encompassing the complete development cycle
    • Access to emerging markets

As an innovator in the biopharmaceutical services industry, PRU continues to create new models of operating excellence and best practices to help our industry partners address key product development challenges.

The proven benefits of PRU integrated approach include:

Cost savings

  • Reduced sponsor oversight, faster study start-up and closeout, and improved study management.

Accelerated development times

  • Faster patient recruitment, better site selection, and integrated technology.

Quality Management

  •  Improved data reliability, proven protocols, and greater focus on first-cycle approvals.

Quality optimization

  • Standardized processes, improved training, and reduced data redundancy.

These benefits can cut the cost of a typical Phase III trial by 10-15 %– savings that are worth millions of dollars at a time when cost reductions and accelerated development times are absolutely vital for success in the biopharmaceutical marketplace.