Our Management Team


General Manager

Dr. Rana Tayseer Al Bustami
Ph.D of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics/Pharmaceutical Technology)
Graduate Diploma of Science (Pharmacokinetics)
B.Sc. Pharmacy
Biosimilars Expert

Dr. Bustami is the General Manager of the Pharmaceutical Research Unit. Has twenty five years of experience in Pharmaceutical Industry and clinical research, a member in many FDA committees for new drugs registration for the last 6 years.
Her research interests include the development and evaluation of targeted drug delivery systems and process factors affecting in vitro/in vivo performance of products. In addition, she has accumulated knowledge and expertise in the assessment of Biosimilars. Dr. Bustami is the author and coauthor of many research articles published in various internationally referred pharmaceutical research journals.


Business and Marketing Director

Hanadi Abdel Jalil Amer

B.Sc Pharmacy

Ms Hanadi has a vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry ,she held many positions in the marketing planning department in a reputable pharmaceutical company for 14 years and is currently the Business Director at PRU since 2006.
The experience is built via the 20 years in both the Industry and the Clinical Research and through the many training sessions that she got in various areas of bioequivalence , Good Laboratory and Clinical Practice, marketing and strategic planning.

Finance & Administration Manager

Mr. Khaled Al Qassas
B.Sc. in Finance

Mr. Khaled has held several positions with a total of 11 years of experience in Finance & Administration Field. Mr. Khaled is working as Finance & Administration Manager since 2004 in Pharmaceutical Research Unit. He holds B.Sc. in Finance from Irbid National University/ Jordan. He has a wise experience in different industries “Manufactures, Construction & Pharmaceutical Industries.